Tiny Baby Lets Out Huge Sneeze But It’s His Response That’s Going Viral

Babies are the cutest things ever. They are little bundles of joy, and this name is so apt for them. Everywhere they go, they spread joy and smiles. There is something about them that just brings out the best in us. Perhaps it is our maternal instincts, but you can’t deny that just seeing them smile can make your day. They can also make your day by doing the smallest things. Just look at the little guy in the following video!

Almost anything that babies do is too cute. Their first step, their first word and even their hiccups are downright adorable. They don’t have to do much to wrap us up around their little fingers! The little guy in this video is a perfect example of this. He might be tiny, but he already seems to be acquainted with some common manners. His parents were able to capture the perfect moment in the footage below.

This little guy was just chilling with his mom. Out of nowhere, he let out a big sneeze. It must have taken him by surprise! As soon as he sneezed, he said “Oh no!” Now that is incredible! Perhaps he said it unintentionally, and the babble just happened to sound like that. But it makes you believe that he knew sneezes aren’t the most pleasant things. Instead of saying “Excuse me”, which is quite impossible for kids that small, he did the best he could do!

Check out the full video below:

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