Dad Plays Beatles Classic On His Guitar, Turns To 1 Yr Old Son Who Opens His Mouth & Takes Over

Featured in the video below is an adorable moment between a proud father and his tiny baby boy. At the start of the clip, the dad plays his guitar. Then his son, Diogo, quickly follows along. The little one has his own guitar and he even sings as he cutely plucks on its strings. This precious moment has received more than 12 million views as of this writing. Diogo was not even two years old at the time, but the role he played in this sweet duet has captured the attention of the internet.

Diogo and his dad perform the most adorable rendition of “Don’t Let Me Down” by the Beatles in this viral footage. The baby carefully listens to his dad and waits to join in. When his turn comes, he doesn’t disappoint. He plays his guitar and sings the famous words in his own sweet way – belting out, “Don’t let me down!” But that is just the beginning. Wait till you see what follows next! It is sure to bring the biggest smile on your face!

Teaching your kids music from a young age is a great move. Music ignites all areas of child development like, intellectual skills, social and emotional wellbeing, motor, language, and overall literacy. It helps the body and the mind work together. Music exposure can help kids learn the sounds and meanings of words. Diogo’s dad is certainly on the right path!

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