Teacher Stays Up All Night To Work For Easter Surprise That Leaves Students Out Of Words

Eater is usually associated with the Easter bunny, egg hunts and a lot of candy. But the real purpose of Easter is to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. Everyone needs to remember the Lord and all the good deeds he did in life. And one math teacher seemed to be in the true spirit of Easter. Brent Walker, a fifth-grade math teacher in Sheehy Elementary School in Tampa, Florida, decided to do something really good for his students.

At first, he just wanted to do a little egg hunt for the kids. He went to Walmart to buy plastic eggs for the kids, but when he saw ready-made packages, his heart was set on splurging on them. The packs were all $10 each, so he posted on his Facebook page about the idea. He wanted to give all his kids something special, and his idea got a really positive response. Within an hour, he had raised $700, which was enough for gifts all 63 students.

When the day finally came, his students couldn’t believe their eyes. They were so happy to see thw presents on their desks. This was even more special, because most of the students came from families that couldn’t really afford to do this on their own. Walker wanted his kids to feel motivated because a whole world of people they hadn’t even met before were supporting them and rooting for their good performance. What a wonderful gesture!

Check out the full video below:

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